Drew the two Uhuras together, mostly because of this:

whenever I say “I love Uhura” I mean that I love TOS!Uhura because she’s a wonderful character and such an important part in Star Trek in the grand scheme of it. But looking back how I felt about her and how that related to how I felt about Nu!Uhura, I finally realized that I really was unfair about it.

I mean yes I HATE nu!Uhura’s characterization for the most part, I used to be only angry at her. But now I think that’s the fault of the writers because of Orci. I also am angry that she’s now Spock’s girlfriend but not because I ship Nu!Spock/Kirk (which used to be the case but now if anything I find canon nu!Spock to be a bit of an ass) but because they just put her in the girlfriend role and didn’t actually build a character before doing so. I mean I had moments where when she got angry at Spock, I found her handling it in such an immature way with all the yelling and doing it at inappropriate times that I was just like ‘…and you’re supposed to be an ADULT right? Please act like one for fuck’s sake. Plus when on-duty he’s your commanding officer don’t act like just because you two are in a relationship you get priority to act like a brat’. And the arguments are written away with a kiss or a speech and I’m just like ‘…oh okay thanks for wasting my time with that’ LIKE COME ON, if you want me to care about a romance, don’t go all ‘bad 90’s rom-com’ on me. Have them act like adults who care about each other and like professional Starfleet Officers please.

But yeah after all that said, do I find nu!Uhura as a bad character ENTIRELY?…no, I mean she improved in STiD and other than that one scene she was alright, but overall I prefer TOS!Uhura WAY more.*shrug*