Dear Star Trek elitists:

Stop scaring away people who want to part of this wonderful fandom. This fandom is over 40 years old and all of you were new fans at one point, don’t act like you’re protecting it from ‘un-real fans’

Because in case you haven’t noticed, people joining this fandom almost 5 decades after its creation is a friggin’ miracle. We’re almost one of the oldest fanbases in history and new fans will come in regardless.

And for the record it doesn’t matter if they came through the new Abrams movies, The Original Series, Enterprise, or whichever series or movies or even the actors, as long as they like Star Trek, they are a fan of Star Trek and they don’t even have to know everything about it to BE a fan. Tolerance in diversity is what Star Trek’s all about, it’s high time you started following that philosophy.