Yells about how Mia Fey’s position as mentor and Obi-wan isn’t one usually fulfilled by a woman

Yells about how even though she died early she still had a continued presence and was never ever used for Nicks manpain or anything of the sort

Yells about how Mia’s backstory heavily features multiple other women who she has both positive and negative relationships with

Yells about her adamant refusal to be fridged and forgotten, still showing up constantly to aid the player, usually solving the mystery before the protagonist, and being heavily plot important, with the remnants of her past cases and legacy showing up frequently

Yells about how the True Pure Evil Final Bad Guy at the end of the trilogy was ultimately acknowledged to be Mia’s nemesis, not Nick’s.

Yells about Mia Fey

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A thing I’ve learned just now: the more you plan out your serious drawings, the more confident you can feel about the final piece.

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did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

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tos episodes: assignment earth


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before i saw your picture i honestly thought of you as spock, bc that was your profile pic

Hahaha, oh wow. Although since I’m very attracted to Jim Kirk, I at least have that in common :D


sometimes i wonder what online friends imagined me looking like before they saw a picture of me

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hey speaking of fanart, i'm kind of new to the fandom. can you rec me some of your favorite artists?

Well, just to name a few:

Some of them (if not all of them) do have NSFW art, so just a fair warning to you




This one reminds me of a Vermeer, especially the play of light and shadow. Also, his expression is intriguing.

Fan: Do you relate to the character of Doctor McCoy?
Karl: Do I relate to him? Yeah! Y’know, I love the character of Bones. And here’s what I like about him is that he has often this quite, y’know, temperamentally and irascible exterior…. Tequila….. but underneath he’s got a heart of gold and that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his friends. And to me - y’know, he’s kind of  - I guess - the very essence and spirit – I think that is the heart of Star Trek what Gene Roddenberry created back in the 60s. And he stands for the values of loyalty and friendship and honesty and compassion and and and and and… I have none of this qualities … but I do relate.. NO!!!! I am kidding!!!! I do. I have a couple of them. Yeah, and it’s a huge honor and a privilige to play him. Thank you very much.

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